60 Founders
60 Investors
All in 1 night

Where top investors meet and connect with the best founders.

Get ready to party like it's 2021.


Meet the founding angels

Cheryl Mack

The Pitch Doctor & Founder of Aussie Angels.

Fav drink: Pinot Noir/Shiraz

Fav syndicate: Aussie Angels


Brendan Hill

Super Angel & lover of
Golden Retrievers.

Fav drink: Heaps Normal

Fav syndicate: TEN13

Beste Onay

The "Beste Investor" &
Math Nerd.

Fav drink: Gin & Soda

Fav syndicate: New South Angels

Thomas Worden

The compliance guy with the spreadsheets.

Fav drink: Balter IPA

Fav syndicate: CMACK Ventures


Sydney Q3 Drinks

Thursday 3 August 2023 @ 6pm - late

Strawberry Hills Hotel 453 Elizabeth St Surry Hills

Proudly sponsored by Skalata Ventures and Standard Ledger


Melbourne Q3 Drinks

Details coming soon


San Francisco
Q2 Drinks

Saturday May 13th, 2023 @ 7pm - late

Garaje 475 3rd St San Francisco

Proudly sponsored by Stripe

Our next event sponsors:

Skalata Ventures is one of Australia’s leading seed-stage venture capital firms having made 60+ investments into seed-stage startup companies.With decades of experience, Skalata helps startups navigate the seed stage, while paving the way for sustainable growth.Like other VCs, Skalata provides capital and networks.
What sets them apart is time. Skalata invests more time, more one-on-one hands-on support than any other VC in Australia. They help founders build the capabilities for long-term success.​ Find out more about Skalata Ventures here.

Standard Ledger helps founders and business owners succeed by mastering your finances. We’re behind startups and scale ups, powering you to shape stronger futures. They built all the financial services needed to wrap around growing startups so you’ll never need to wonder about your funding options, valuation or how you’re really doing.
With their deep experience in startups, you’ll have all the financial, operational and CFO support you need – for whatever you need. Like raising capital, expanding and realising your dream.
Find out more about Standard Ledger here.

Our last event sponsors:

Black Nova are here to support you on your startup journey. With a blend of services and deployable capital, we help startups scale safely through the challenging early years of starting out.
Black Nova exists to champion the next generation of B2B technology startups. We invest in ambitious founding teams at pre-seed, seed and series A funding with a bias towards ’boring is better’. Find out more about Black Nova here.

Google Cloud helps you build apps faster, make smarter business decisions, and connect people anywhere. Supercharge your growth with the Google for Startups Cloud Program.
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Stats from our first 12 events

🚀 Numbers in the club

Our last event featured 60 founders & 60 investors > keeping our patented 1:1 ratio of investors and founders in tact. There are now over 1.5k active members in the 361 Angel Club!

🤑 Investments made

$2m+ in total investments born out of 361 Angel Club events!

founding angels

We love angels, VCs, and startups, so feel free to join us for after work drinks on Friday's. 

There's nothing formal going on here. We officially meet quarterly for drinks and food, and fun times with fun people. As an angel if you join, you'll always get an invite (as long as you don't break the rules). We invite a new set of founders each time.

Want to join the club?

We'll share our favourite startups with you if we know what you're looking for.

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What Investors & Founders are saying about 361 Angels

If you are raising capital, you need to attend a 361 Angels
event. Exceptional investors who truly cares about you and support you all the way. Proof? I raised additional $200k on top of our seed at the Q2 event. So grateful to have been invited 😄

Caroline Tran
Founder at Clever

Landing in Australia from Canada I needed to build my network of the best founders and investors. I achieved this all in one night at 361 Angel Club and also met my first Australian portfolio company Tiliter 🚀

Matthew Wilson
Managing Director at Allied Venture Partners

It was a solid first time experience at a networking event and I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity.
Meeting all those people last night has motivated me even more, and I can’t wait to go back to Melbourne and start grinding with the team. Cheers for a special night 🍻

Rymera Leau
Co-Founder at M.E.R.A Technology